50 Shades of Broke

50 shades of broke

Remember that piece of crap movie that was released last year and all the moms and teenage girls got excited for because it was the closest thing to porn that they are ever going to watch, called 50 Shades of Grey. Whatever, the movie and the books are rated as mommy porn and no wonder why, the story is about a very rich guy that seduces women and if they want to date him they have to follow a strict set of rules, at least, this is what I got from reading the plot and seeing the trailers.



Now let’s change a the plot a bit, how would it be like if “Mr. Grey” wouldn’t be rich and famous? What it would be like if he was a normal guy with a normal job, just like the rest of us. For starters, he wouldn’t have a set of rules that the girls he’s dating need to obey and second he would have to follow a set of rules to get a girl to date him. Barely Productions already thought all of this through and make a little skit so that we get something better than that piece of shit movie. Check out their funny clip that shows what it would be like if “Mr. Grey” lost all of his money and he is now broke, but with the same mental issues:



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