2016 Super Movie Trailer

2016 super movie review

After seeing the 2015 movie trailer mashup I wondered how 2016’s is going to look like, well the year has barely started but dudes at Burger Fiction wanted to make a mashup with the trailers that we’ve already got. Movies like Deadpool, Batman v Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Nice Guys, and many others got featured in this fresh mashup that I’m about to show you.



What a good year to be alive, right? So many great movies and trailers are coming. One of the best trailers of this year definitely is the one for Suicide Squad. Other good trailers or teasers are the ones that were released by 20th Century Fox for Deadpool and such a great marketing for that movie too. What movie are you most excited seeing this year? I really want to see Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. But there are a lot of movies that are going to kick ass, make sure that you watch this trailer mashup that features most of them.



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