2015 Movie Trailer Mashup

2015 movie posters

2015 definitely was a big year and we’ve got a lot of new stuff on our small and big screens. In order to make an idea of what’s going to be released there is this thing called “trailer” that sums up a movie, a game or a tv-show in order to make you more curious and to give you a little feedback. This year I’ve seen good movies, great movies and some of the worst movies ever produced and all of them got at least one trailer. Some bad movies had good trailers and some good movies had bad trailers, it’s the way it goes, but you always want to make sure that you see the trailer before the movie.



So, are trailers any good after the movie is released? Well…. Yeah! Just give them to Sleepy Skunk and he’ll do a masterpiece out of them. This year we’ve got another epic movie trailer mashup which shows that every movie has at least something interesting to show when is put together with the rest of the trailers. Sit back and relax while you watch this awesome mashup that will definitely make you wish you had watched more movies this year:



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