1 Hour vs 30 Hours into: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Frustration

Fallout is one of the most time consuming games lately and a lot of gamers can approve this, after playing for 1 hour you just get hooked and there is no escape! I mean even from the first day there were complaints that some NSFW websites got low traffic because of this game…. Pornhub. Yes, Pornhub said that their traffic got lower with about 10% on the day of the release and you can see a full article on this right HERE. (Thanks to Gamespot)

So, what does this game have so special that managed to make gamers addicted? Well, for starters a great and original story and a lot of history. And my bets go to this one when it comes to the “Game of the Year Awards”, but it will be though because we’ve got so many good games this year. But what I want to show you next is just a little bit of the frustration of most of the Fallout 4 players and if you find yourself in these photos, don’t be shy and give this article a share so that all of your friends can see that you play an awesome game. Props go to Dorkly for all this awesome montage of things that can get annoying after 30 hours of gameplay.

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